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Pot Seeds: Identifying The Difference

Sometimes, you can top the problems before they even start! Knowing how to identify poor quality seeds before you buy pot seeds for sale can prevent you from planting them and being disappointed they didn't grow. Paying for the top dollar options can reduce the risk but you do have to be careful. Not all of the providers really are the best. They may just increase the prices to get you to think that! Then they make a huge profit each time they sell the pot seeds.

You should always do your homework before you buy any pot seeds. Find out the reputation of provider before you dive in. There should be plenty of reviews out there about them. Listen to what other customers have to say. While they may refund the cost of the seeds if they don't grow, they aren't going to refund the cost involved in the growing process or your time if the pot seeds fail.

Don't buy from any unknown entity. You should be them from retailers with a good reputation or that you know first-hand others have been able to get them from. You should be able to ask them questions before you buy too. If they don't answer you then don't assume they will fill your order any more successfully.

The type of cannabis you want to grow will also influence the quality of the seeds when you buy marijuana seeds for sale online. Do your homework to identify those seeds that seem to have a better success rate than others. If you are going with those that are harder to grow then you need to be prepared for some troubles with those seeds. If you want something that grows with ease find quality seeds that don't seem to give people too much trouble to grow completely.

Once you pot seeds for sale, take a close look at them. If they have any signs of immaturity they may not grow. Look at the coloring and the patterns on them. If they are shades of green or shades of gray they may not grow. If the surface is too soft, they may not germinate. Seeds that are smaller than the rest of them likely aren't going to grow well either.

Seeds that are too old often don't get well. You will be able to identify them as they are cracked. They often weigh less than other seeds too. This is because they aren't holding water and they lighten up. Look for seeds that are large and have a distinct appearance to the surface. They should have a good color pattern and have plenty of water in them.

Germination is a way to test the seeds but it won't always be a surefire way to find out about them. Sometimes, the seeds can be quality but then they are damaged during the overall germination process. Make sure you plant a few extras so that if a few don't grow as you want them to you still have the yield of pot seeds you were interested in.

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