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Outlook On Marijuana Seeds For Everyone

Pollination plays a very large part in the wild, and most marijuana seeds are pollinated by the wind. Some strains are pollinated by insects, but mainly this refers to those that have a sweet smell to them. The pollen from the wind results in the male flowers getting the majority of it and less landing on the female plants. When it comes to marijuana, almost all of it is pollinated by the wind.

There are two cells involved in the pollination process of marijuana seeds. One of the cells is in the actual pollen tube. The other is designed to fertilize the egg. Very few types of seeds actually have male and female like cannabis strains. The wind carries the pollen from the male plants to the female plants.

This is what makes hybrid marijuana seeds and selective breeding so difficult. We can't control the wind! We can control plenty of the variables though and that is what is done in a setting that allows for the desired outcomes to be reached. One single cannabis seed though is able to produce thousands of seeds!

In a controlled environment, efforts are taken not to pollinate the lower branches of the seed. They aren't going to mature into seeds that can be sold or planted. If they do create seeds, the quality is going to be very low. It takes about five weeks after pollination occurs for the seeds to be successfully harvested.

If you grow marijuana seeds, you may decide you would like to harvest your own seeds. You will need to make sure you have a male and female plant available to do so. If you have several seeds that you control then you should have more males than females to ensure successful pollination.

Look for the best possible characteristics in the parent plants that you would like to create the seeds with. Males should be thriving seeds with plenty of potency and yield. They should also offer you the odor and taste you want from your harvested marijuana. Ideally, males are also resistant to mold and other forms of contamination that can prevent your marijuana seeds from thriving and creating quality seeds for harvest.

You can collect the pollen by putting newspaper at the base of the male plants. It will fall and then you can store it in a refrigerator for a few months. Brush the pollen over the female plant gently with a cotton swab. Another method is to take the newspaper with pollen and insert it into a plastic bag. When you are ready to pollinate a female plant just tie the bag over the seed and let it sit for a few days. As the pollen cools it will fall into the seed where it will result in marijuana seeds being created.

This process is simple and it doesn't take very much time to complete. It can save you money on future marijuana seeds. The key is to have males that offer terrific results that you can get the genetics from. Get Marijuana Seeds from sd. You have read, Outlook On Marijuana Seeds For Everyone.
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