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While you may be thinking to go see a local psychic, there are some which have a great deal of recognition in Philly. Getting into a celebrity psychic readings can take time and cost quite a bit. Some of them have a waiting list several months long. Others go on tour and people will line up for hours to be among those that get in to see them. Here are some of the celebrity Philly psychic readings you may be interested in.

Edgar Cayce offered readings for more than 40 years in Philly. He would put a person onto a couch into a sleep like state. Then he would be able to conduct the reading for them. He is the most well-known psychic of the 20th century. It is believed more than 10,000 topics were discussed within his psychic readings. He was a legacy in his own right, and died in 1945 but people still talk about him today.

Sonia Choquette is known all over the world for her spiritual teachings and her psychics readings. She is a light of positive energy for love and peace. She has written several books about psychics that gave people an inside look at what they are all about. She talks about exploring the energy you feel to allow your energy and your abilities to grow if your Philly psychic readings. She also has a Ph D in Metaphysics.

Jeane Dixon passed away in 1997 but was well known around the USA for her readings and her predictions in Philly. Her mother was told when she was quite young by gypsy's that she had a gift. Her mother encouraged it and over the years her spiritual abilities grew. She wrote several books that still sell very well today. While not all of her predictions came true, many of them have.

Caroline Myss offers some unique and interesting spiritual teachings. She is very highly respected in countries all over the world. She doesn't do private readings, she offers help through her writings so she can reach out to more people. She is also the founder of the Caroline Myss Education Institute. It is designed for those that would like to embrace and enhance their spiritual abilities.

There are plenty of books and documentaries about the predictions of Nostradamus. Even though he lived from 1503 to 1566 he is among the best known celebrity Philly psychic readings ever to walk the Earth. He was actually an astrologist and he had a medical background. He treated people in Europe with the plague.

Many of his predictions are open to interpretation but he is often credited with predicting the death of Prince Diana, the atomic bomb, the 09/11 terrorist attacks. Many believe he may have been getting his information from the Akashic Records but there is no way to confirm or discredit it.

Terry & Linda Jamison

Twins often have a powerful connection, and for these two it includes psychic abilities. They have been documented since they were children due to their abilities. They have done several guest appearances on TV.

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