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Unconventional Drug Addiction Treatment Center

While 12 step programs seem to work for many people, they aren't the only drug addiction treatment center options out there. In fact, some people seem to thrive much better staying away from drugs after they have gone through some unconventional treatments. The problem is most insurance programs won't pay for them so they are out of pocket. Yet if they work it can give someone a new lease on life.

Massage therapy may be a way to stimulate the nerves in the body and the brain to reduce drug dependency. Some experts believe this can result in a person feeling better through the release of natural chemicals in the brain. These chemicals can reduce the cravings for drugs, reduce depression, and often reduce pain. When a person is taking drugs in order to help them self-medicate for other issues it can be a breakthrough for them to turn their life around.

Acupuncture is often considered alternative therapy for medication when a person has pain. Yet it can also be a way to help reduce drug use. It isn't fully understood how acupuncture is able to successfully stimulate the brain and the nerve endings but it does seem to be very positive. It can also help a person trying to overcome drug use to reduce anxiety and stress. Such triggers can often increase the chances of relapse occurring.

Hypnosis can help a person to feel calm and relaxed. Sometimes, the reasons for use of drugs is subconscious so getting to the core of it in therapy doesn't happen. Hypnosis can help to unlock the door to the subconscious so those elements can be discovered and treated. Typically, hypnosis sessions are recorded and the patient is able to watch them later on. Then a new plan of treatment is created based on the outcome from those sessions.

Pet therapy has been used for all sorts of health issues, and now it is being seen as an alternative type of drug addiction treatment center. It helps an addict to focus on something other than themselves and their needs. It helps them to focus on something that needs their time and attention. Being with a pet can also reduce stress and anxiety. It can give someone a purpose when they feel they don't really have a support system in place.

Art therapy is also something to consider as it allows the creative side of the brain to function and flow. As we get older, we tend to suppress this part of the brain. Giving it more freedom for expression can be an outlet for someone suffering through emotional distress due to drug use.

While these unconventional drug treatment options are still considered controversial, they should be looked at. For someone who hasn't done well with a typical drug addiction treatment center, these alternatives may be all they have left. Giving up and continually using the drugs isn't the solution. Over time, the body will crave them more and more. This increases the risk of an overdose and it reduces the chances of successfully ending the cycle of addiction.

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